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Our Producers & Suppliers

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flying fish seafoods

Based in Cornwall, Flying Fish Seafoods, founded by Johnny Godden, has been in the local seafood business for more than two decades.

They work with some of the best restaurants and hotels in the country, supplying the finest catch from their Cornish day boats.

As a company their care passionately about the quality of the fish they supply, as well as how responsibly they source it.

To do this they follow the highest industry practices to protect the rich and ample stocks we all currently enjoy. Flying Fish offers some of he fastest delivery times available in the industry, so they mean it when they say 'the fastest fish from ship to plate in 48'.


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Piddle Beer

Crafted beside the River Piddle in deepest Dorset, for people who take life seriously (but not life).

With a name like Piddle, you'd think that they don't take anything seriously, but, they do brewing.

Their passion is blending hops, barley and malts to create ales that bring serious pleaser, from delicate thirst-quenchers to thick velvety stouts.

A match made in heaven or in their case, Piddlehinton in deepest Dorset.

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tamarisk farm

Tamarisk Farm is a long established mixed organic farm, situated on the beautiful west coast of Dorset, and just behind

Chesil Beach.

The family were among the early members of the Soil Association, and have grown wholesome food to organic standards since 1960 - which makes this alliance perfect in every way!

Fresh from the local farm, to plate - and by foot - every time!

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langham wine estate

Langhams are vinegrowers, who pride themselves in crafting terroir-driven sparkling wines using grapes only grown in their Dorset vineyard. 

Taking a low-intervention approach to both grape growing and wine production, constantly striving to minimise the environmental impact and produce honest wines that reflect their terroir - only 22 miles away!

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